What to Look For When Buying a Closest Beard Trimmer

closest beard trimmer

A closest beard trimmer essential that helps you keep your beard in shape, but choosing the right one for your face can be tricky. We spoke to two trusted experts in the world of facial hair and barbershops – Eric Bandholz from Beardbrand (makers of terrific beard oils, balms and such) and Steve Purcell, cofounder of Uppercut Deluxe grooming products – for their advice on what to look for when picking the closest beard trimmer for you.

When deciding which is the best beard trimmer for you, consider the length of your beard and how often you like to groom it. If you prefer to wear a full beard, then a trimmer with longer length settings is probably a good idea – this will ensure you have plenty of options and can maintain your mane to the length you desire.

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Likewise, if you have finer hair and like to rock a stubble, then opt for a model that can tackle this delicate area with precision. Look out for a trimmer that can easily be used on the chest and head, or has a separate attachment for your nose, eyebrows and delicate areas, as this will enable you to shape your stubble with complete ease.

It’s also worth evaluating how easy it is to clean your closest beard trimmer, as some models are easier to disassemble and get inside the blades for a thorough cleaning than others. We also recommend checking the length of charge, as some may take up to eight hours to fully recharge. If this is a significant issue, then consider purchasing a trimmer that offers a quick-charge mode that allows you to trim with just three minutes of power before the battery needs recharging.

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