The Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Eugene, Ore.

For now, he says, customers come from all over Canada and beyond. They’re looking to get a spiritual experience, treat depression or anxiety or simply micro-dose — a small amount of the hallucinogenic compounds found in mushrooms that can help alleviate mental illness symptoms. Learn more

The store is one of several in what is a mushroom boom across the country. Police raided a handful of stores with names like Fun Guyz and Shroomyz in the past year, but no major charges have been laid. The shops have the feel of a medical protest, and owners aren’t shy about openly defying archaic drug laws.

Inside, the shop is a psychedelic haven, with psychedelic art on the walls and books about magic mushrooms. A screen displays options to buy dried mushrooms or edibles made from them. Customers show identification to prove they’re over 19 and are limited in how much they can buy.

A Beginner’s Guide to Magic Mushrooms: What You Need to Know

In the back, mycologist John Hume inoculates mushrooms spores on a tray of blue growth medium. The mushrooms grow quickly, but the process is labor-intensive. He’s hoping to expand his business with more cultivators and a larger facility to increase the volume of product.

Oregon’s psilocybin service centers are starting to see more traffic, and Epic Healing Eugene has a waitlist for preparation sessions. But the industry is still nascent and faces many challenges. Unlike the marijuana industry, which has flourished since drug decriminalization, it’s too early to say whether psilocybin will follow a similar path.

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