The Importance of Professional Headshots

professional headshots

Some industries – actors in particular – heavily depend on professional headshots to advance their careers. But headshots can be important for people in many different jobs, too. Professionals in some fields – realtors, attorneys, doctors & financial advisors, for example – often use their snapshot photos on their websites or LinkedIn profiles to help potential clients identify them & build trust.

For this reason, your headshot must be a true representation of you. A well-made, updated photo that reflects your current appearance is the best way to do that.

Capturing Your Best Side: The Importance of Professional Headshots

It is also important that your headshot be taken by a skilled photographer who knows how to work with lighting and how to pose a person for maximum impact. While some people may feel uncomfortable with their face filling up the entire frame, remember that most people view headshots at a thumbnail size or smaller – especially on websites and social media. It is unlikely that viewers will be blowing up your headshot to inspect stray hairs or acne.

Lastly, some people worry that their professional headshot will be altered or retouched in post-production (otherwise known as retouching). While it is essential to have a good session with an experienced photographer who knows how to shoot on-camera, it is also possible to take great, un-retouched photos with a digital camera or smartphone. It is important to ask your photographer whether they will retouch your headshot or not before you book your shoot.

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