Online Dispensary – Why Online Ordering Is Important to Your Dispensary

online dispensary

Online ordering is the only way for dispensaries to compete with those who are able to offer delivery, curbside pickup or both. Those who don’t offer these options will struggle to find and keep customers in 2020, and will likely go out of business as a result. URL

Ecommerce offers convenience for consumers, and a more complete shopping experience. When purchasing in person, consumers can be distracted by budtenders trying to sell them products or are interrupted by other customers entering or leaving the store. However, when buying cannabis online, there are no distractions, and shoppers can take their time browsing and comparing different products.

In addition, ecommerce offers dispensaries the ability to market and remarket to customers that visit their website. This can be accomplished by sending emails or text messages with promotions or by adding customers to a loyalty program.

The Hash Chronicles: Exploring Canada’s Top Online Dispensaries for Quality Products”

Retail best practices call for a separate terminal within a dispensary that is reserved solely for online orders. This gives your ecommerce staff space to work without interrupting the budtenders working with in-store customers.

While most online dispensaries include an age gate to verify that viewers are of legal age, a study of 97 marijuana websites found 75% of the sites did not have this feature (figure 1). In addition, 67% of the sites made medical claims about their products with moderate to conclusive evidence. Lastly, 21% of the websites promoted their delivery services to minors. These practices may encourage underage consumption of marijuana, despite laws against it.

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