How to Use Social Media Stickers in Your Instagram Stories

social media stickersSocial media stickers for car | Vinyl Status are a great way to add flair and flavour to your Instagram Stories. They can be used to share a location, hashtag or mention another user, and some even offer interactive features like polls and questions.

How to use them

When you first create a story on Instagram, tap the sticker icon (the square smiley face), which appears at the top of the screen. A tray of stickers will appear, from which you can select the ones you want to add.

Clock and Music Stickers

The clock and music stickers let you show your time or a specific song in your story. You can also edit how the sticker appears on the screen. The clock has two digital options and one analog option, while the music sticker allows you to choose the music clip that shows up in your story.

How to Create Eye-Catching Social Media Stickers for Your Brand

The countdown sticker is a great way to build excitement around a product launch, event or collab. Your followers can subscribe to the countdown and receive notifications when it’s about to end, making it a useful tool for building interest.

Conversion Question and GIF Slider

If you’re looking for an incredibly interactive way to engage your audience on Instagram, then you should consider using a quiz or a GIF slider. These stickers encourage viewers to answer a question that you provide, which could be a great way to boost your engagement levels and turn followers into customers.

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