How to Disinfect and Clean Public Spaces

Disinfection and Cleaning of Public Spaces

clean public spaces

How often do you check to see whether a public place is disinfected? Did you know that bacteria and viruses can lurk on public transportation systems, planes, trains, and buses? In addition, germs thrive in offices, daycare centers, swimming pools, spas, and fountains. Thankfully, antimicrobial sanitizers can kill these harmful bacteria and viruses. These products are applied to floors multiple times per day, and public swimming areas are regularly treated with disinfectants to keep germs at bay.

Department of Sanitation’s Public Space Cleaning Service

New York City’s Department of Sanitation is the government department responsible for garbage and recycling collection, street cleaning and snow removal. While it’s hard to find a street cleaner in the Big Apple, contacting the Department of Sanitation is the best way to keep your street looking its best. Here are some tips for hiring an efficient street cleaning company. First, know that they only accept certain kinds of trash. Second, be clear on how much trash you’re willing to pay before hiring a company.

CDC’s Infection Prevention 101 for Public Spaces

The CDC offers a free online course called Infection Prevention 101 for public spaces that teaches participants about how to prevent infections in public places. The course, which was made possible through a grant from CloroxPro, teaches participants how to clean and disinfect public places. This course is particularly useful in healthcare settings where people are exposed to different germs, such as the flu. It can also help organizations like hospitals and schools make more efficient use of space and resources.

Clorox’s work with large organizations on disinfection protocols

After the pandemic cleaning efforts, Clorox got a huge boost in the marketing department. With its new Safer Today initiative, the company is focusing on businesses and public spaces to improve sanitation. The company is teaming up with organizations like the Cleveland Clinic and CDC Foundation to improve the standards for infection control. The alliance also supports key sectors such as healthcare and education. Here are some of the ways that it’s doing that.

Benefits of using Foamstream to clean public spaces

There are many benefits to using Foamstream Clean as a cleaning solution for public spaces. Not only is it an effective solution, but it is also safe for people, animals, and sensitive environments. Foamstream Clean is based on heat retention, which allows operators to maintain high temperatures on the target pathogens. Foamstream Clean can be used for street cleaning, bench and park bench cleaning, and power washing, as well as to remove moss from metal surfaces.

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