How to Clean Your Air Ducts

clean your air ducts

Having your clean your air ducts can be one of the most effective ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home. However, it is important to choose a professional who can do the job properly.

In order to be certain that your ducts are clean, you should get your system checked regularly. This includes the cooling coils and the fan housings. It is also important to get your ducts cleaned if there is visible mold growth in your ducts.

You may want to clean your air ducts more often if you have a family member who has allergies. This is especially true for people who have young children. In addition to the obvious health effects, cleaning your air ducts can also help reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

In addition to cleaning your air ducts, it is a good idea to install a high-efficiency air filter. This will prevent debris from settling inside your ducts and contaminating your air. You should also change your air filter at least once every 30-60-90 days.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts

Some people may need to hire a professional to clean their air ducts if they have a leak in their ducts or if they have rodents in their ducts. You should make sure that your air handling unit is built so that maintenance personnel can easily access it.

If you have a crinkly Mylar flex duct, you should use a vent brush to loosen dirt. You should rotate the brush along the walls of the duct.

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