How Adorable Are Baby Girl Elephants?

baby girl elephant

When it comes to adorable baby girl elephant are pretty high up on the list. They are one of the largest land animals, but at birth they’re only 200 to 300 pounds!

They can’t see very well when they’re born, but they can recognise their mothers by touch, sound and scent. For the first few months, they stay close to their moms for food and protection.

At about four months old, they begin to drink their mother’s milk! They continue to do so for up to ten years!

Adorable Elephant-Themed Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Like human babies, they learn how to control their trunks by watching adults and older siblings. They start to use their trunks to grasp, eat, drink and bathe at around six months of age.

Do elephant babies nurse?

Yes, female elephants produce milk for their calves. They do this standing upright, so it would be too labor-intensive for a mother to lay down and get up every time her calf wants to nurse.

When they’re born, baby elephants are called calves and weigh around 200 lbs. They stand about 3 feet tall and are usually born head and forelegs first.

While some elephants give birth during the day, 99% of new born calves are born at night to avoid detection from predators. It’s a survival instinct for both the baby and mother! The darkness also gives the newborn a few hours to learn how to stand up and take their first steps.

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