Animals of Namibia

animals of namibia

A huge, mostly desert animals of namibia with a slender strip of wetlands in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia is home to an incredible variety of wildlife. From the iconic big five – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and black rhinoceros – to the lesser known but no less impressive cheetah and the nocturnal serval, Namibia’s diverse habitats support a wonderful array of animals.

Affectionately known as ‘the laughing hyena’, the spotted hyena can be heard in many of Namibia’s wilderness areas from its characteristic whooping call. The other two subspecies, brown and striped hyenas, also make a grunting sound when communicating.

African Wilderness: The Beauty and Majesty of Namibia

Endangered but still abundant in Namibia, black rhinoceros can be seen across the country, especially in the rugged mountainous areas of Damaraland and Kaokoveld. The country is home to around 90% of the southwestern black rhino population, which has evolved to thrive in Namibia’s arid conditions displaying unique learned behaviours and physical traits to cope with its harsh environment.

Leopards are a common sight throughout the country, including the semi-desert areas of Etosha and Owamboland. The elusive leopard is well known to hunters for its stalking and pouncing skills.

Namibia is a great place to see wild dogs, with packs of African wild dog seen in Etosha and the Caprivi Strip, and the much rarer serval. The serval is smaller than the cheetah but has a similar build with its distinctive gold and black spots and streaking near the head. It is at home in a variety of habitats and is the fastest land mammal in Africa with top speeds of 105 kmph (65 mph). It mainly preys on rodents, but will take the young of small antelope as well.

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