A Career in Sports Broadcasting

With advancements in communications technology, Royaltv millions of sports fans around the world can take part in sporting events that once only a select few could watch live. In a career in Sports Broadcasting, you can be behind the scenes or on air calling play-by-plays for games played across the country and beyond.

In addition to describing the game’s action, Sports broadcasters provide commentary and analysis, interview players before, during, and after games, and prepare for each broadcast by researching team, player, and historical information as well as current news. They also work closely with a production team to coordinate camera angles and to review replays and graphics for use during the broadcast.

Commentary Magic: The Art of Engaging Sports Commentary

The most successful broadcasters are both knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge in an interesting way that engages their audience. They also have a strong sense of personality that helps them stand out from other announcers.

Sacred Heart University graduate students who choose to study in our Sports Broadcasting program will develop their skills as they build a demo reel, which is required by many employers. In addition, Sacred Heart’s unique location in the heart of the media industry gives our graduates access to extensive networking and recruiting opportunities, with ESPN, MLB/NHL Networks, and WWE all located within driving distance of SHU.

Oftentimes, former professional athletes become famous in their own right after retiring from the game by establishing themselves as sports commentators and analysts for major television networks like NBC, CBS, and ABC. Other former sports stars have continued their careers as broadcasters, including John Madden who remained in the football arena after his retirement from playing professionally.

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