Day: November 3, 2023


Tennis Court Maintenance Tips

Tennis Court Maintenance

Typically hard Tennis Court Maintenance are either asphalt or concrete. Both types require very little maintenance to keep them in good shape. However, a well-maintained court will help to extend the life of the surface and prevent premature wear.

Clean the court on a regular basis to remove dust, dirt and debris. Also remove any leaves, pine needles or other organic material that may have accumulated on the court and in the surrounding area. This helps to avoid mold and mildew. Weeds should be treated with an appropriate herbicide or pulled if possible. Tree limbs should be pruned so that they do not hang over the court.

Choosing the Right Tennis Court Surface for Low Maintenance

Water the court on a regular basis to help keep it firm and stable. Generally, clay courts require daily watering.

Inspect, clean and repair the drains outside of the court on a regular basis. Proper drainage prevents excess water penetration on and underneath the court which can lead to early deterioration.

Cracks need to be repaired as soon as they appear. ProCorM offers a crack repair system that spreads the stress of the crack over a large area of expandable fabric – unlike other crack repair systems which simply bond to the surface of the court and are subject to peeling, delamination and tearing.

If the lines on your court start to fade it is time for a line touch-up or replacement. A fading line is often a sign of the need for some resurfacing work on your court as well.

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