Day: October 9, 2023


UPenn Housing

UPenn offers a variety of housing for undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctorates. Housing options include the thirteen undergraduate College Houses, apartment complexes, and other upenn housing. Students are encouraged to explore the different campus housing options to find the right fit for them.

Where do most freshman live at UPenn?

Living on campus is an integral part of the Penn experience, especially for freshman. First and second year students are required to live on campus for their first four semesters. This requirement cannot be waived through additional course credits or increased course standing, even for sophomores that transferred from another school.

Students are often faced with challenges while living on campus. In the past, rodent sightings in Kings Court English House, flooded rooms at Harrison, and mold problems have plagued on-campus housing. These issues can disrupt academics and create a toxic environment for students.

This is why UPenn strives to provide safe and stable living conditions for its students. It is a responsibility that comes with being a top-ranked university.

However, not everyone can agree on how much safety and stability is enough. The UC Townhomes evictions have been a prime example of this debate. The loudest voices are often the ones that don’t fully understand the issues at hand. This is a troubling trend that needs to be addressed.

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