Day: September 1, 2023


First Home Buyer Conveyancing in Melbourne

One of these is the first home buyer grant Vic. This is a payment of up to $10,000 that can be given to eligible buyers purchasing new properties or constructions in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Eligibility is based on the location of the property, Haitch Convey price of the property or construction and whether the purchaser is a first home owner.

What is a licensed conveyancer Melbourne?

There are also stamp duty concessions for first home buyers. These vary from state to state but are usually based on the price of the property or construction. It is important to check whether you are eligible before you sign a contract.

A conveyancing firm in Melbourne can help you navigate the property settlement process. It can prepare and submit contracts, negotiate on your behalf, complete land titles searches, and lodge documents with the Victorian Land Registry. The company can also perform transactions electronically for fast and reliable processing.

When selling a property, it is important to make sure that you have paid all of your outstanding debts. This is because the new owners of the property will take over all the outstanding debit on the title and if you have not, the process of settlement may be delayed.

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