Day: August 24, 2023


Give Your Staff a Personal Touch With Custom Name Patches

custom name patches

Name patches are a great way to give your employees a personal touch, promoting your company and brand while helping staff stand out in uniform. With a wide variety of fabrics and colors, you can easily design the perfect patch to make you or your team stand out. Choose from an embroidered, sewn or iron-on patch to get started.

Embroidered name patches are one of the most common types. They feature elegant needlecraft that highlight font, icon, and background colors to stand out against a backdrop. They’re commonly used by police and military personnel, but they can also be found in retail stores and data centers, identifying individual workers or students with ease.

Expressing Individuality: How Custom Name Patches Tell Your Story

With over 70 fabrics and 200 thread colors to choose from, you can create your own style with a custom name patch. Start with an idea, sketch, or picture and we’ll help you turn it into a beautiful patch you can be proud to wear.

Another great option is a dye-sublimated name patch, which uses the latest in printing technology to produce vibrant colors at a finer detail than embroidery and no threads to fray. Plus, the process offers a 3-5 business day turnaround for faster satisfaction.

For an even more versatile look, you can choose a custom velcro name patch that features a hook and loop strip for easy attachment and removal. You can attach them to shirts, jackets, bags, and more. They’re especially useful for identical twins or multiples, helping them differentiate themselves from their siblings by displaying their unique personalities with their personalized patches.…

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