Day: January 1, 2023


Crawl Space Encapsulation – Why You Should Consider It

If you have a crawl space, you may want to consider encapsulation to make your home more comfortable. A sealed crawl space prevents pests and moisture from entering your home. It also improves your indoor air quality.

Can a crawl space make you sick?

Crawl Space Repair often become humid, which can lead to mold, mildew, and other problems. Mold can be particularly damaging to your foundation. You should find a contractor who is well-versed in encapsulation to get the job done properly.

The best type of barrier to install in your crawl space is a heavy-duty plastic, like polyethylene. This is because it’s more durable than other materials. When installing it, make sure you cut the plastic sheets to fit the shape of your crawl space.

You can also choose to install a vapor barrier. Vapor barriers can’t stop humidity, but they can prevent the transfer of cold or heat from your crawl space to your living area.

Sealing your crawl space can help you save money on energy bills. Using less energy can also lower your carbon footprint. Depending on your community’s climate, you could qualify for state tax rebates.

Encapsulation can be a good investment, as it increases the durability of your foundation and reduces your energy costs. In addition, it helps prevent pests from getting into your crawl space and eating your home’s structure.

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just want to have a more comfortable living space, encapsulation is an option to consider.

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