13 Ways You Can Use Portable Electric Fence

Portable Electric Fence

If you’re a backcountry horse camper, a back Portable Electric Fence chicken keeper or a full scale farming operation, you probably use portable electric fence to keep predators and curious animals away from your plants, gardens or crops. You might also use it to manage rotational grazing on your pastures. This genius netting fence offers you the flexibility to manage your property with confidence and ease. In this episode of the podcast we’ll talk about 13 ways you can use Portable Electric Fence. We’ll cover everything from emergency pasture gate setups to securing a grazing slice for your livestock and wildlife or keeping in garden crops or berries. It’s a handy tool to have for any size of property, from urban backyards or small hobby farms to large diversified agricultural operations and livestock management.

Wired Defense: Unraveling the Impact and Evolution of Electric Fencing

We’ll also cover important topics like the proper sizing of your portable electric fence and the best way to earth your energizer and electrical fence. You’ll want to have a good understanding of how the system works before you start making decisions about what wire to purchase and what type of energizer is right for your needs.

We’ll also talk about using a geared spool reel to make it quick and easy to roll up temporary poly wire or poly tape cross-fences in your grid of temporary electric fencing corridors. These reels have gearing that locks the spool in place so it doesn’t unravel unless you tell it to do so.

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