Animals of Namibia

animals of namibia

A huge, mostly desert animals of namibia with a slender strip of wetlands in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia is home to an incredible variety of wildlife. From the iconic big five – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and black rhinoceros – to the lesser known but no less impressive cheetah and the nocturnal serval, Namibia’s diverse habitats support a wonderful array of animals.

Affectionately known as ‘the laughing hyena’, the spotted hyena can be heard in many of Namibia’s wilderness areas from its characteristic whooping call. The other two subspecies, brown and striped hyenas, also make a grunting sound when communicating.

African Wilderness: The Beauty and Majesty of Namibia

Endangered but still abundant in Namibia, black rhinoceros can be seen across the country, especially in the rugged mountainous areas of Damaraland and Kaokoveld. The country is home to around 90% of the southwestern black rhino population, which has evolved to thrive in Namibia’s arid conditions displaying unique learned behaviours and physical traits to cope with its harsh environment.

Leopards are a common sight throughout the country, including the semi-desert areas of Etosha and Owamboland. The elusive leopard is well known to hunters for its stalking and pouncing skills.

Namibia is a great place to see wild dogs, with packs of African wild dog seen in Etosha and the Caprivi Strip, and the much rarer serval. The serval is smaller than the cheetah but has a similar build with its distinctive gold and black spots and streaking near the head. It is at home in a variety of habitats and is the fastest land mammal in Africa with top speeds of 105 kmph (65 mph). It mainly preys on rodents, but will take the young of small antelope as well.

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Rent Car Monthly Dubai – The Best Option to Explore the UAE


Whether you are a local resident or a visitor planning for an extended stay, a rent a car in dubai monthly is the best option to explore the UAE. Choosing this option saves you the hassle of having to renew your rental agreement on a weekly basis and gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your trip. Plus, it allows you to explore the UAE beyond its borders. With easy drives to neighboring emirates, you can truly experience the country’s rich culture and natural wonders.

Your Key to Convenience: Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

Cost Savings: Monthly rentals offer lower daily rates than weekly or daily rental options, which can result in significant savings over the long term. This can be especially helpful for travelers who are budget-conscious.

Flexibility: Unlike traditional rental services that require you to pay for the vehicle in cash over a counter or use a mobile app, monthly car rental services are fully digital and allow you to reserve a car online in minutes. Moreover, the service is backed by a dedicated team that can help you with any questions or concerns.

It is also important to know that renting a monthly car in Dubai includes a mandatory insurance coverage that protects you against any traffic violations or damage to the vehicle. The policy is included in the monthly rental price so that you don’t have to worry about any additional expenses. However, it is recommended that you only rent from a reputable and established company. Some smaller ones are known for over-billing on traffic fines, withholding security deposits or charging for ’tolls’.

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New Electric Cars For Sale Near Me

new electric cars for sale near me

As electric vehicles become more popular among shoppers, Basil Family Dealerships is committed to offering them in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to drive a sedan like the Honda Clarity or need more seats for the kids, there are new electric SUVs for sale that offer plenty of space along with advanced safety features. We’ve also got a handful of plug-in trucks that help you get the job done on the worksite.Read more:

The Cadillac Lyriq is the luxury brand’s entry into the EV world, and it delivers a sleek look and upscale interior design. This new EV has a range of up to 314 miles and offers both RWD and AWD models. The base model uses a single electric motor and battery to achieve 340 hp, while the performance-oriented Type S has dual electric motors with an estimated 500 hp combined.

On the Horizon: New Electric Cars for Sale Nearby

Hyundai continues its quest to go carbon-neutral with the IONIQ lineup. This all-new EV is available as either a plug-in hybrid or a full-battery electric car, and it has “success” written all over it. This new EV is offered in both sedan and hatchback form, making it a perfect fit for every lifestyle.

GM’s first foray into the pickup truck market is an EV that shares its name with the gas-powered Silverado, but this one’s built on a unique EV-only platform and comes in two flavors: a performance-oriented RST First Edition with a top speed of 155 mph and a fleet Work Truck with a 400-mile range. Both variants have plenty of technical trickery under the hood, from an 800-volt architecture for rapid DC public charging to four-wheel steering and a retractable roof panel that lowers at the touch of a button to create a convertible experience.

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New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers

New york traffic ticket lawyer help people who have received speeding tickets, red light violations and other moving violation citations throughout the state. They fight the tickets on behalf of their clients and work to have them dismissed or reduced to avoid penalties such as license suspension. These attorneys are well versed in the complex laws surrounding traffic regulations and can ensure that the legal rights of their clients are protected at every stage of the process.

Crafting Your Defense: New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer Services

Many people ignore their traffic citations, paying the fine and never thinking about it again (until they receive an insurance premium increase or lose their license). This is a huge mistake, as New York traffic ticket defense attorneys can save you money and prevent points from being added to your driving record.

In a majority of cases, your New York traffic lawyer will represent you at a court hearing. If you go to a hearing without an attorney, it will be just you, the police officer and a judge. This is an excellent opportunity for your lawyer to highlight any inconsistencies or errors in the officer’s testimony, which can lead to a dismissal of the case.

In some cases, the police may be using quotas to encourage officers to issue as many tickets as possible. In a recorded conversation posted on NPR, a police sergeant can be heard telling his subordinates to get their ticket numbers up or face discipline. If you suspect that the officer who issued your ticket may be on a quota, it is important to hire a traffic ticket lawyer in NYC to fight it.

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How to Use the Facebook Ads Service

Facebook ads service allows businesses to create and place ads across the social media network. With 2.7 billion active users across both Facebook and Instagram, the ad service offers a huge opportunity to generate leads, increase sales, promote events, and build brand awareness.

With the Facebook Ads Manager, you can select a goal for your ad campaign. This will determine which ad option Facebook recommends, based on best practices for achieving your desired objective. For example, if you’re looking to drive clicks to your website, the platform will suggest the Clicks to Website ad type. This ad type can be either a single image (Links) or a carousel with three to five scrolling images.

Outsourcing Success: Choosing the Right Facebook Ads Service Provider

In addition to defining your objectives, you can also set your daily and lifetime budgets. A daily budget defines how much you want to spend per day on your ad. Once the daily budget has been spent, the ad will stop running for that day and will start again the next day. A lifetime budget is a fixed amount that you will spend on the ad campaign over its entire lifespan.

Once you’ve defined your goals and selected an ad type, it’s time to write the ad copy. The goal is to create a compelling offer that will resonate with your audience, as well as drive them to take action on your website or in-store. When creating your ad, test out different versions of the ad to see what works. For example, try using a question in one ad and a statement in another to see if there is a difference in engagement.

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